The Umbrella Academy May Have Confirmed the Siblings' Birthplaces

2022-05-14 19:29:20 By : Ms. Ada Zhang

For years, Umbrella Academy fans have theorized where each of the siblings were born - and it seems like the show will finally answer their questions.

The Umbrella Academy continues to tease its dedicated fan base as it reaches its highly-anticipated third season. With a slew of new character posters available to nit-pick, there are tiny hints that may finally answer where each of the siblings were born -- except for the deceased Ben.

The Umbrella Academy sets this mystery from the get-go: the series premiere explains an odd phenomenon where 43 women around the world simultaneously give birth at noon on October 1, 1989. Strangely, none of them exhibited signs of pregnancy beforehand. The only birth that was actually shown was in Russia, where a woman unexpectedly gave birth in a pool to a baby girl. Eccentric billionaire Reginald Hargreeves -- later revealed to be an alien who probably set these births in motion -- is able to adopt seven of these gifted babies.

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While Season 2 revealed that the Russian baby was actually Viktor Hargreeves, none of the other children (now adults) know of their origins. Fans have theorized Luther, Diego, Klaus, Allison, Viktor, Five and Ben's birthplaces for years, and it all lies with their given names. In a Reddit AMA, series creator and executive producer Steven Blackman explained that Five didn't have a name because Grace, the children's robotic mother, helped the kids choose their names based on their birthplace. However, Five was lost in the apocalypse at that point.

If that's true, the theories align with what the new character posters reveal -- in addition to Five's new change of clothes. In each poster, an Umbrella Academy member has a suitcase with travel stickers on them, each with a different city, state or country: Allison is from Capetown, Luther is from Stockholm, Five is from Dublin, Klaus is from Pennsylvania, Diego is from Mexico and Viktor is from Russia. Additionally, Lila's suitcase has a Berlin sticker on it, but it's implied she was born in East London.

While fans were pretty spot on about Allison, Diego and Viktor's birthplaces -- if the suitcases do truly reveal such thing -- the other siblings are a bit of a twist. Klaus was always suspected to be from Germany because of his name, but he could've easily been born in the Pennsylvania Dutch culture, which was formed by German immigrants. Luther has been commonly associated with England or Germany, and Five is his twin in the comics. However, it seems the show has deviated from this canon.

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These coincidental alignments aren't just for show in these character posters. Season 3 might finally be the season that all the Umbrella Academy members find their birth mothers -- or at least their origins. The mystery doesn't necessarily need to be solved, as it's never hindered on the plot before, but the Sparrows' introduction as Reginald's children in this alternate timeline might open a door for the Umbrella Academy children to discover where they truly came from.

The discoveries the Umbrella Academy members will make can also lean into the heartwarming matter of found family. It's no secret that the bizarre children grew up to be an estranged bunch of misfits. The single incident of Reginald's death brought them back together, and the following doomsdays kept them together as a superheroed family, but there's still a feeling of disconnect between them all. The string that pulls them all together could be the closure after visiting their birthplaces. The Umbrella Academy might go into some cheesy territory here, but it's definitely foreshadowing a "no matter where we're from, we're destined to be family" sort of theme this season.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 premieres on June 22 on Netflix.

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