The “Inclusion” and “Neighborhoods” projects are underway with Sport and Health in Naples - Il Mio Napoli

2022-09-17 02:33:43 By : Mr. Mike Lin

A spectacular glance.The tatami of the Nippon Club in Ponticelli animated by the training of boys of different ages.Play, fun, integration, relationships, respect for rules, values, physical activity for all are the cornerstones of the Sport di tutti project "Inclusion" and "Neighborhoods", which Sport e Salute SpA, - the state society for the promotion of sport -, wants to grow in Campania.In the outskirts of Naples, the councilor for sport and equal opportunities of the Municipality of Naples, Emanuela Ferrante, the president and CEO of Sport e Salute SpA, Vito Cozzoli, and the two legend Manuela were illustrated in the presence of the mayor Gaetano Manfredi Di Centa and Sandro Cuomo, the 32 Sport for All, “Inclusion” and “Neighborhoods” projects which in Campania have already involved 14 thousand practitioners.Visibly impressed by the welcome, President Cozzoli commented: “The beauty of this day is you guys.This is the celebration of Sport and Health and these are the values ​​we want to convey.We want sport to be a tool for growing well and in a healthy way.And I would also like to thank the instructors in particular for everything they do for sport ”.And he added: "Campania has responded in an extraordinary way to Sport and Health initiatives: 200,000 children are also involved in schools with Sport and Health activities, so it is a success but also a responsibility, we have a duty to promote sport as a moral and social value ".The mayor Manfredi also wanted to launch a strong message of rebirth through sport: "We will do our utmost to develop sporting activity in Naples, to grow young champions, and we certainly cannot do it alone, we must do it together with Sport and Health.It is only by working together that something good is built.Alone you cannot become a champion ”.Enthusiastic Councilor Ferrante."It is necessary to guarantee interventions in favor of sport, recover funds and maintain facilities, open school gyms and stimulate school managers".She thanked the participating institutions Francesca Merenda, Secretary of Sport and Health Campania: “We have combined sport with social.We are proud of the technicians and masters who create new consciences.The message launched by Ponticelli is truly beautiful ”.The brothers Raffaele and Massimo Parlati of the Nippon Club underline their mission.“The best medal is to take the boys off the road”.And Naples needs it so much.© 2022 My Naples.All Rights Reserved.Sign in to your accountUsername or email address