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2022-09-24 03:27:25 By : Ms. Susan Wu

Ukraine is defending democracy. Their soldiers are doing amazing things, but winter is coming and they need specialist winter combat gear.

by Tim White in Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

You've seen the news reports, you have hopefully seen my efforts on Twitter to document the illegal war, the murders, rapes and looting in Ukraine. A nation fighting for its independence.

Putin must be stopped. War criminals must be brought to justice. The only way this can happen is if Ukraine's army continues to defend its homeland. But they need specialist equipment for the brutal winter ahead.

If we don't stop Russia, will the next attack be in your country? Putin did not stop after Chechnya, nor Georgia and not after Crimea.

Ukraine has been part of my life for almost a quarter of a century. With friends and volunteers we have resourced cheaper equipment and transport routes to get supplies directly to the Ukrainian men and women on the frontline, including friends I know fighting for their homes, families and the country they love. Using contacts across Europe we cut costs as well as cutting the risk of corruption.

We will be buying an array of thermal clothing, footwear and military raincoats for starters and if we raise enough night-vision devices to help protect in the long winter nights.

Even if you cannot donate right now, please share the link, tell the story, follow me on Twitter, keep Ukraine in the news - do something positive!

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