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Posted by China Magazine |Nov 21, 2018 |Corner of Ideas, Liu YunshengThe Confucius Institute of Félix-Houphouët-Boigny University in Abidjan is a young Institute of only 3 years old on December 03, 2018. Despite its young age, the Institute is full of dynamism, charged with innovation.It is its uniqueness that sets it apart, and it is its “win-win through cooperation as a whole” spirit that sets it apart.In terms of language teaching(1) the project extends to the various departments of the University in the form of EU-free courses in the universities facilitating the learning of the students of the Mandarin Chinese language and to know China, (2) the strategy of the training existing high school teachers to ensure sustainable development of education is put in place… (3) courses organized for 8 Chinese clubs have been effectively set up within universities and high school students in Côte d'Ivoire.In terms of research and publicationThe institute organizes a seminar session and a tea room every month.One on the theme of Chinese culture, the other on the theme of China-Africa cooperation, in order to share a community of destiny.Several topics are discussed such as agriculture and the farmer, China's initiative to fund the New Silk Road ("The Belt and Road"), meditation and energy peace. , the peace of the order of 5 ancestral elements, the origin of Chinese thought based on the book without writing and the Tao.The Institute has managed to publish two books this year in Côte d'Ivoire, a small Franco-Chinese dictionary on the French of Côte d'Ivoire to facilitate communication and a book on the origin of Chinese thought, writing of Lao Tzu.In terms of cultural activitiesWe aim to bring people together to live together, to strengthen social cohesion through culture.(1) Cultural mixing is important for the staff and students of the Institute, who participate in international celebrations organized by different structures such as the military school, the American school, as well as the regional festival of Aboisso… ( 2) There is also deep love expressed to Ivorian orphans.We gave priority to teaching the orphans of the Abidjan children's hut, the art of tea, martial arts and Chinese songs, full of feelings of love.(3) Several language trips have taken place in China, as well as cultural trips, with the aim of learning from each other, in several villages in Côte d'Ivoire.Finally, the mixing of cultures – both ancestral and modern – and the innovation of courses make its activities simple, honest and credible.The Institute is now becoming an important platform for cultural exchange between the two populations of the world.Designed by Elegant Themes |Powered by WordPress