2022-09-24 03:21:31 By : Mr. Alan Xie

Have you ever noticed that society thinks we can’t handle ourselves?  I already told you about codes used in shopping centers to communicate a “situation” without us knowing what is going on.  Well, that’s not the only place they use a secret language.  If you are ever flying on a plane and you hear this, brace yourself.

Maybe society is right.  Maybe we can’t handle bad news or we would simply just lose our minds. I however like to be in the know especially if the safety of my family is in question.  The information allows you to make your own choices like if there is a code over the loudspeaker that indicated there is an armed man in the store, I should be able to know this so I can bolt out the back.  I believe you should know what’s going on too so here is some more decoding for you.

Not all communication uses words. On airplanes, they use a noise.  You’ve been on board and heard that chiming that sounds a bit like a doorbell right?  If you hear a ding dong that has a high to low tone it is nothing to worry about, it is just one employee trying to get the other’s attention. However, if you hear THREE of those chimes it is time to pray to sweet baby Jesus.  That means there is an emergency aboard and they are trying to communicate that to the other flight attendants without alarming the passengers.

It is never beneficial to panic so always stay calm and listen to instructions.   Here are some other codes you may hear in a Walmart that you should know about:

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