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Do you have that one guy in your family or social circle (maybe you ARE that guy) that loves all things outdoorsy and likes to be prepare for just about anything? Whatever anything is, he’s ready for it and ready for action. Whatever action is, he knows what needs to be done, when, why and using what. Got a clear image of that guy in your mind? They can be a real pain sometimes to buy for, can’t they? Well, not anymore.

At Men’s Gear, we’ve covered a whole range of different tactical items, from tactical watches to tactical pens , tactical wallets and we’ve even featured a rather awesome selection of tactical tomahawks. Our team are big fans of all those handy little gadgets, the gizmos and accessories designed to make life easier, when the going gets tough.

We do understand you’ve not got a lot of time. Not enough time to check out all those different guides, those are for another day. When you just need to get your hands on the best of a wide variety of tactical items, this is the one and only guide you really need. Maybe that celebration is coming up or you just want to get something cool for your buddy because he recently got promoted or you’re planning a weekend away with the guys and want to ‘tool up’.

Whatever brought you here, we’re happy you’re here. So, you might want to prepare yourself – you may end up spending more than you bargained on when you first clicked through to this guide to the best tactical gifts for men.

Really, although we’ve featured several excellent multitools in the guide, this stood out as being our favorite. Compact, functional and easy to use.

We really do think all guys should have easy access to an axe. However, axes are not often very practical or portable. So, a tomahawk and this Cold Steel one, is what’s needed.

Smith & Wesson have too good a reputation to ignore and this folding knife was too good to not highlight as one of our top picks. Reliable, functional and incredibly sharp!

Straight off the bat, we’re off to a winning start with one of the best tactical pens on the market from one of the best manufacturers of tactical pens. The Gerber Impromptu tactical pen, here in stunning black, is a real classic. It has that rugged body constructed from machined-steel and a pocket clip fashioned from reliably tough stainless-steel.

What makes it tactical you say? Well, it’s designed to work in all conditions thanks to the Rite in the Rain cartridge of ink, but that’s not all. There’s a glass-breaking tip of tempered steel to help you get into whatever bother you normally find yourself in.

Next up, we’ve got the stylish and built-for-business Mechanix Wear M-Pact Coyote tactical gloves. These are fabricated from resilient and tough thermoplastic rubber, TPR for shorthand. They benefit from protective finger and knuckle guards that means your hands won’t suffer from certain impacts.

The fingertips have a lot more going on underneath the surface than you may think, with dual-layer internal reinforcement to increase the durability. The special D30 padding in the palm also helps to absorb and spread out high levels of energy and forces. Did we mention that they look great?

Dango have an exceptional reputation for designing and producing some exquisite tactical wallets and the TO1, made from genuine top-grain leather is no different. Mil-Spec bolts are used to secure the paneling of leather to the 6061 aerospace-grade machined aluminum, with a meagre weight of just 2-ounces.

It can hold a total of 12 cards, whether it’s credit or business cards you’re packing. But what you’re really interested in is the multitool included in this cool little thing. There’s a ruler, nail prier, smartphone stand, 10/15mm hex tool, paracord tensioner, knife and saw. Yes, we said that right, there’s a saw. Obviously, there’s a bottle opener too!

We’ve featured Suunto numerous times before on Men’s Gear. You’d think we were due special commission, direct from the company. However, there’s a reason we’ve featured them so often – they design and put together some of the best tactical watches on the market.

The Suunto Core All Black is an awesome military watch which provides you with tracking for both the sun and weather in general. You get access to a trending graph and it’s even got a storm alarm with 400 sunset/sunrise alarm presets for different locations. The watch may weigh only 2.26-oiunces, but it still manages to pack a barometer, altimeter and compass into the design. Sexy and sublime.

No tactical gifts guide is complete without at least one tactical knife and who else are we going to turn to at this point than MTech and their stunning and scintillating Xtreme blade. Made from blackened 440 stainless-steel, the blade has a length of 5.5-inches and thickness of 5.5mm.

The knife fits comfortably into your hand thanks to the G10 handle providing reliable grip, regardless of how wet and unkind the conditions are. The slick and slight knife is finished and protected by a black nylon sheath that makes it safe and easy to carry. Don’t leave home without it.

You really shouldn’t be heading out into combat, even if it’s just with the trees and undergrowth when you’re in the middle of the wilderness, without something to light your way. Streamlight, fortunately, have provided a useful tool for just that purpose. It produces a total of 2,200-lumens worth of brightness and an effective 346-meter length beam.

The torch can run for between 1.75-hours and 43-hours, depending on what illumination intensity you’re using it on. We’d recommend only using mid to high beam intensity, therefore, when you really need to. It also offers you the option of strobe lighting for either disorientating or signaling purposes.

Ah beer, beer me beer you, beer we. Every tactical rucksack needs at least one of these beauties – a tactical can cooler. What’s more, for the ultimate in cool and to stop your buddies from stealing yours, it can be fully customized.

Your name or the wording of your choice can be added to an embroidered name tag. There’s not really a lot else to say. It looks suitably rugged.

Are you a keen hunter or love going to the shooting range? Even if you just like going clay pigeon shooting, like some sorta smug shmuck, you’ll really love these tactical ear protectors. They’ve been made from a highly durable material that’s also comfortable too.

The cups have a low profile, so they do not interfere with aiming your weapon. The headband has been reworked on previous models to make them fit even better and feel more comfortable. Because we know how easy it is to forget to turn them off, the 2-hour auto shut-off feature is ideal.

Whatever the battlefield you must face, whether it’s an actual battlefield or just, you know, paintballing with the guys, you need to consider investing in this Tactical Molle Vest from the awesomely named Barbarians. We’ve all dreamed of being barbarians, and now we get to dress like one.

Made from comfortable, durable high-density 600D polyester, it features mesh and toughened zippers. Organization is key when you’re out in the field and this has plenty of it, with numerous pouches for rifle magazines, small equipment holders, bullet holders, hydration bag holders and so much more. You’ll also find handy D-rings to add additional accessories. It really is fully adjustable to help you get the best fit.

Now, we’ve got a rather slick tactical belt from another favorite company of the team here at Men’s Gear – 5.11. The Tactical Operator is made from 100% nylon and features a 6000-pounds rated-solid stainless-steel buckles. Not that it looks flashy or too OTT, because the stainless-steel has been giving a slick black matte finish.

Although it’s designed to be used as additional support in extreme climbing emergencies, it’s not suitable for use as a harness for climbing with. There’s a nylon webbing system that locks into the belt buckle that is reinforced and secured more firmly with a Velcro locking mechanism too. It’s easy to take off, with just one click of the handy carabineer.

Although it’s nice to have EDC and tactical accessories you can always carry on your person. If you’re heading somewhere, why not make sure your bag has something like this compact 8-in-1 set from Stealth Angel. This has just about every little tactical tool you could need.

It includes a 350-lumens flashlight, aircraft-grade heavy duty aluminum tactical pen, 11-in-1 pocket card, high-freq whistle, large ferro rod flint, compass/ruler, and a compact waterproof tough carry case. So, just about everything you need. Great for someone just starting to put their tactical arsenal together!

This multitool from LEATHERMAN, the Wingman, is one of the best of its kind on the market. Whether you are just bumming around the house, camping under the stars, on the job or just out and about. It has a total of 14 excellent little tools.

There’s a ruler, file, package opener, scissors, wire stripper and wire cutter, screwdrivers, pliers and knife. Need we mention the fact it has a can and bottle opener. Made from high-quality stainless-steel, it also features a locking mechanism that means you can cut and work without difficulty.

So, you’ve got a tactical pen and tactical multitool, where do you keep it? In the Molle-compatible Gerber Customfit dual sheath, that’s where. This features a removable and fully adjustable strapping over the top.

What about deployment? Sometimes you need to use tactical items when no one knows you have them. It holds a maximum of 2 tactical items and tactical pen that can all be easily deployed with the use of a Velcro pull-tab. That way, no one will know you’re about to sign them a check, or break the glass on the car the Liam Neeson or Arnie wannabe is holding you captive in.

Fancy a bit of glamor to your multitool? The gold special edition of their 18-in-1 multitool is what we’re talking about now from Wallet Ninja. It may not be the most discreet, but it certainly does the trick.

Fully approved by the TSA, it has been made from stainless-steel that’s been heat-treated 4 times. It comes with a lifetime guarantee that means it shouldn’t ever dull, bend or rust. What tools? Smartphone stand, screwdrivers, can opener, eyeglass glass breaker and bottler opener to name a few.

Tactical tomahawks are incredibly useful tools to have, whether you keep one in your rucksack, the back of your car or roam around the forests like the mighty Thor of Asgard. From Cold Steel, the Trench Hawk is a decidedly delicious tomahawk.

Made from drop-forged 1055-carbon, it can help you to break out of just about any confined space whether it’s a narrow hallway, alleyway, bunker or trench. The wedge-shaped spike and the 3 ½-inch cutting edge will give you a real edge when you are stuck.

How about a pair of tactical boots? Like Under Armor, but not keen on some of their more exuberantly colored products? Why not consider these Stellar boots, made from 900D-nylon textile upper with DWR-treated leather?

These have a rubberized sole and a minimalist design that means they don’t take too long to dry if they get wet. The special Ortholite sock liner has anti-odor tech that stops odor-creating microbes from growing and spreading. The whole design is completed by the TPU shank and EVA midsole for excellent support and protection.

Well, why not pair those cool boots with a nice tactical jacket. The Sabre 2.0 has been expertly crafted by the geniuses at 5.11 using high-quality polyester. It benefits from a design that sees the softshell made from bonded polyester that is lightweight and breathable, but still robust and durable.

There are internal pockets that keep everything secure and safe and out of sight. It has a slick and appealing look that will enable you to fit into the crowd, whether you are on active duty or not. With water and wind repellent, you’ll be able to wear it wherever you go.

IT’s not all rough and tumble out in the middle of nowhere you know, being a real man is also about drinking a real man’s drink. Whiskey, or as our Scottish brothers call it, whisky. How about the ultimate in novelty, but practical gift for the tactical man, something to cool your drinks while showing your love affair with the 2 nd Amendment.

These whiskey stones are the perfect combination of the both. Keep them in the freezer in their nice little holder. They are made from FDA-approved 304-stainless-steel and are much bigger than those smaller ones you get.

You can never have enough tethers for all your gear. T-Reign are the same manufacturers who made the KEY-BAK retractable reels and were inventors of the self-retracting key reel back in 1948. So, they have the pedigree behind them.

This is made to endure over 1 million pulls and comes with a lifetime secure policy. Perfect for use with scuba tools and gauges to your diving harness, the T-Reign retractable gear tethers features a stainless-steel spring that’s resistant to the corrosive properties of saltwater.

Are you the Firestarter, twisted Firestarter? Do you want to be? With this awesome little tactical gift, from the creative minds of Gerber and Bear Grylls comes an awesome compact Firestarter. It’s made from a rubberized mold over a ferro-rod, while the knurling on the aluminum covering will help keep it safe and secure in various conditions.

At just 0.4-inches in length and 0/6-inches in diameter, it only weighs 0/8-ounces and can help you to start fires wherever you are.

HydroLapse is a business owned by military personnel and firefighters. We all know how hard it is to keep kids and us adults hydrated when you’re out and about. The HydroLapse is the ultimate solution to your hydration problems.

They are easy to fit into your gym bag or backpack and made from BPA-free food-grade silicone and the stainless-steel lid means that it’s completely shockproof and lid-proof. It easily collapses into a much smaller container when you don’t need quite as much to drink or need more space.

A real daddy is one who isn’t afraid to go out into the great beyond with his baby in tow. This large-sized bag has room enough for additional clothing, blankets, toys, not just for one parent and their kid, but two kids. It’s been smartly designed to offer enough space for the included laptop pocket and padded hydration bladder, depending on what you need. This can also be a great way to store away the tri-fold diaper changing mat, all tactical parents need.

Baby wipes are something you should never be out without and with this backpack you can fit a pack of baby wipes. The bag also has strapping to attach it to most strollers, meaning you can go hands-free when necessary. A durable and robust solution to the man on the go and adventuring.

We’ve already featured bullet-shaped whiskey stones, to go with them, we’ve got 50-caliber shot glasses. Now you can hold and savor that bourbon in style.

They are made from ceramic and have been given an electroplating finish to achieve that classy gold look. Simply line them up and then pour.

Tool up for some safe and fun shoot-outs with the killer looks and quick-fire action of the Nerf Rival Khaos. Concentrate on your shots rather than worrying about being quick on the trigger with this fun motorized action blaster.

For a ridiculously low price you get the blaster, 40 rounds and the 40 round magazine you load them into. Gather some friends together and each of you choose either blue or red and divide up into teams and go to battle.

This is a monocular, but not like the many other inferior products on the market. For one thing, the Roxant name is a sign of quality. It features a BaK4 prism lens made entirely from glass and fully multi-coated. Because of the name, it gives you 6 x 30 quality viewing.

The thing that really sells us though, is not just the quality. It’s the high-end optics, the high-quality precision design, the durability and the compact nature that makes this the tactical monocular your survival and tactical gear needs.

Our 3 rd product from the tactical masters at 5.11 is this pair of tactical cargo pants made with Flec-Tac, a 5.11 proprietary material known for its durability. It features a self-adjustable tunnel-style waistband that ensures you have a comfortable fit, no matter what you’re doing. With articulated knees, featuring an inseam over the knee to make them easy to wear while using a kneepad. To give it an even securer construction, bar tacking has been used to strengthen key stress points and crucial seams.

With a Teflon finish, you know they’re going to cope with whatever you put them through. It even features a badge holder on the front belt loops and offers two-way stretch. Everything has been made with comfort, but also practicality in mind. As there’s a total of 12 pockets for all your favorite and important EDC and tactical items.

In the rather dazzling, but rugged ‘burnt bronze’ coloring, this is a must for all keen alfresco diners. If alfresco dining includes eating in the wilderness and using your gas stove. For a rather wallet-agreeable price you get four handy tools, a dual sided spatula, fork, spoon and 4-function multitool, that enables you to peel veg, open bottles, cans and packages. What more could you ask for?

Oh yeah, they all fit together, like a nest of all the tools you need to survive out in the open with the basics. Did we mention they weigh under 2.5-ounces so will never feel too bulky wherever you store them in your bag.

Intriguing and kinda funky looking things, the Coroler fingerless gloves with LED flashlights incorporated into their design are rather useful. When used at night, wandering around in the forest, you can feel like a spy.

Made from flexible, durable and very lightweight material that benefits from being breathable, so you’re never left with disgusting sweaty hands. These are ideal for any application where you need to work in low-light, poor-light or dark conditions.

From SOG comes this awesome little survival and defense tool. Made from durable anodized aluminum, this is incredibly discreet and fits into a pack, pocket or can be hung on a lanyard.

To most people, it will just resemble a ballpoint pen, but it is a combination of a safety whistle, glass breaker with a carbide tip and a steel wool tinder-using fire starter. At just 0.7-ounces in weight and 4.3-inches in length, it’ll honestly feel like it’s barely there at all.

Another tactical knife in our guide, this time from Smith & Wesson, is the MAGIC folding knife. This has a 3.6-inches long blade made from 4035 black oxide high-carbon stainless-steel and has an aluminum handle that’s been rubberized for greater comfort. Easy to conceal, this is knife is also easy to access quickly

The actuator allowing you to open it up with your finger is perfect for everyday use. Safety has also been taken into consideration, as you’d imagine, as it’s built with a safety lock and liner lock to ensure it’ll never slip while you are trying to use it.

Deserts are not the eye’s best friend, period. So, regardless of what you are doing in sandy dune-type areas or locations where there’s a lot of unsettled dust, you need a product like the Revision Military Desert Locust Military Goggle System.

This kit features a goggle frame, with several great features and special addons, such as the standard optical-grade polycarbonate lens that helps protect your eyes from kicked up dust and other debris. There’s also the multicam anti-reflective sleeve, smoke and clear lenses that can be easily changed, a reusable anti-fog cloth, microfiber cloth and storage case. All you need to see when visibility is compromised while protecting your eyes!

Considering its surprisingly low mark-up price, this is something of a beast of a multitool. Fully TSA-compliant and approved for air travel, it features a composite body that’s durable and won’t cause damage to anything else in your pocket.

It’s reportedly the most funded multitool in the history of crowdfunding and it’s easy to see why people were whipped into a frenzy over it. There’s a total of 18+ tools hidden and built into this sexy little thing. Some noteworthy mentions include the universal wrench, the imperial and metric rulers, elastomer insert, secure storage chamber and magnetic retention for hex bits, light and heavy-duty sockets and of course, a bottle opener.

Now this is something we really love and we’re sure the tactical survivalist in your life will too. Made from polyester with a little spandex for some stretch, this awesome balaclava can also double as a neck tube, thanks to its hinged design.

In fact, there are four versatile ways you can wear it and with helmet compatibility, wind resistance and flat-lock seams, it’s a very good investment indeed. As well as protecting your identity, it can protect your face from the cold.

Another facial protector now, this time from One Tigris with a focus on the lower half of your face. Made to a high standard, it features 1000D nylon and stainless-steel in its construction. Foldable and extremely lightweight, it’s just as easy to carry as it is to wear.

The meshing helps provide superior air ventilation, preventing fogging from occurring. As its adjustable its designed to fit most with a double strap support and skull cap band to give you the tightest and most comfortable fit.

Even hangers in our tactical gifts guide are rugged, durable and designed to put up with a lot. Whether you’re hunting, working in an industrial environment, military, police, camping, hiking, climbing, whatever, you’ll find a good use for the Tough Hook Hanger.

Made with GP22 high-impact military-grade ABS, this isn’t just any old plastic hanger. Its I-beam construction in addition to its impact resistance, make it virtually indestructible. We’re pretty sure it can be destroyed, but it will hold its own for quite some time before breaking. Surprisingly, for such a lightweight tool, it’s capable of handling a total load capacity of 150-pounds.

Made from a knitted mesh, featuring a mix of polyester and cotton, this is a dirtproof, water-resistant shirt that’s designed to be comfortable and protective.

Taking inspiration from the kind of high-performance and protective gear law enforcement and military personnel wear, the combat shirt features a quarter-zip collar, secure Velcro cuffs and will protect your neck from adverse weather conditions.

Yet another stylish, lightweight and incredibly practical EDC gift from 5.11, the EDC PL 2AAA is a penlight that provides you with 107-lumens of brightness at 26-meters in front of you. Extremely impressive, given its diminutive pocket size.

Although powered by 2 AAA batteries, it’s also exceptionally energy-efficient, providing illumination for 4 hours and 20-minutes. 5.11 have also ensured it’s resistant to impacts and drops from 2-meters and will still function after being splash for 5-minutes. A reliable and durable little pen light indeed.

The next tactical gift in our guide is this clever little tactical earplug kit. The 3M Peltor is designed to provide protection for your ears and hearing, whether you’re in a noisy or very quiet situation and environment. It also helps enhance your situational awareness.

Featuring wireless connectivity for both smartphone and radio sources, the microphones help to give you two-way communication. Water resistant to IP67 rating, rechargeable and compatible with a wide range of other equipment and gear, this is perfect when you want clear lines of communication wherever you are.

Another 5.11 product and another pair of tactical boots, these are worn by public safety personnel around the world. Compared to others on the market, they are more comfortable and lighter, without losing any durability or robustness. Thanks to the air-flow tongue design and full-length dual-durometer footbed made from ortholite, they also ensure your feet will remain dry, cool and comfortable no matter what conditions you’re working in.

Another great feature is the Achilles heel flex zone that ensures you have the same level of support but with a greater range of movement in that critical section of your foot. We also really love the hidden knife pocket and the tough YKK side zipper that helps you get them on and off quickly.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, protect your iPhone X with this awesome case. Designed with agility and durability in mind, it keeps your phone safe and secure, while remaining slick and flexible.

In addition to the case, you also get a Cobra weave 95 paracord lanyard hand strap. So, whether you want to connect it to your neck or use it as a hand strap instead, you can. Either way, the shock absorbing TPU body will keep your smartphone safe.

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, protect your iPhone X with this awesome case. Designed with agility and durability in mind, it keeps your phone safe and secure, while remaining slick and flexible.

In addition to the case, you also get a Cobra weave 95 paracord lanyard hand strap. So, whether you want to connect it to your neck or use it as a hand strap instead, you can. Either way, the shock absorbing TPU body will keep your smartphone safe.

Made with long-term travel or deployment in mind, the Admin Pouch from 14er Tactical is the perfect storage travel companion. Made from high-density 1000D ballistic nylon, it’s water and puncture resistant and has been double stitched to increase its durability.

With bottom-mounted elasticated strapping, you can combine SOF-T, CAT and other tourniquets to this bag for easy access. Easy to keep organized and built, there are a number of compartments and pockets, including a micro-fleece lined area for your smartphone, a transparent and waterproof map sleeve that’s easy to remove and a zippered internal pocket for other things you need to keep separate from your main gear.

Last on our list is this awesome desert scarf wrap from Explore Land. This shemagh scarf is made from high-quality woven cotton and is thick, but soft so that you have the protection you need from the elements and anything else such as dust, wind, sand and the sun.

It’s perfect for paintballing, motorcycling, climbing, hiking, shooting, hunting and a whole lot of other activities too numerous to mention here. At just 6.35-ounces, it’s very lightweight. Buy it and throw it in your bag, for those emergency situations when you need to protect your neck and face.

It’s Time to Make the Right Tactical Decisions!

So, whether you’re treating yourself to some new gear or trying to, as we noted at the outset, find cool tactical gifts for the tactical man in your life, we’re sure we’ve given you enough to nudge you in the right direction. We’ve covered everything from tactical pens to tactical boots, scarves. The only thing we’ve not covered is a tactical sink. Is that even a thing? If not, it probably will be soon. We want at least a part of the share on the profits of the newly designed tactical sink, when it’s ready to roll out though!

If you were stuck for survival gift ideas for any of your buddies, you now have 42 options. The key is to be prepared for anything, after all, and all the products we’ve picked out, in their own way, help you be prepared for action. Whether you’re knowingly walking into a dangerous situation or just keeping safe on a day-to-day level. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that each of the 42 items we picked out look exceptionally cool too!

Help that tactical man in your life, even if it’s just you yourself, become the Bear Grylls adventurer. Look the part and feel the part with these great tactical gifts. It’s the best tactical decision you’ll make all day!

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